Metal/Wood Products,Display Rack,Storefixture


Tell us about your idea, and we will realize it into image with CAD/Solidworks. Our design team is good at structural mechanics
and well know how to use the right material for every fixtures. In the design, we start our first step to reduce the cost with good engineering.
For each fixture, we review carefully the technical drawing, the way of production, which smooth the production greatly.
We are delicated to ensure that your vision is brought to life at competitive price.
Project Management:
To achieve the success of every project, we have a completed management system, from material purchasing to in-house control, unit site audit of the fixtures. Our service of pick and pack per store, shipping directly to store, it helps a lot in reducing your workload & management cost. We do provide one-stop service of the project, to avoid  unpleasant surpprise and ensure the big success of your store opening.
Quality Control:
We has developed a quality control system to ensure products and services to meet or exceed customer requirement and expectations. Our ongoing emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation has resulted in high quality product, on time deliver and competitive price.
Good Partners:
We have good partners who has surface treatment lines for plating (chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, black chrome, brush chrome, galvanization).we have very good relationship with our printing who can do silkscreen, UV printing, water transfer printing, heat transfer printing,air brushing. We also have very good partner for plastic products who have vocumm form machine, roll plastic molding machine and injection machine.
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